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Welcome to Insightful Publishing

How often do we pick up a book when we are searching for answers, and read just the right words that we needed to soothe our spirit and nurture our soul? How often do we dive into a novel and find the protagonist learns a lesson that we needed to learn?

We believe books are tremendously powerful entities. And when we’re engaged in the right book, experience of reading is deeply cathartic.

We love books and we adore what we do. But when it comes to genre, we’re pretty precise about what we want:  We’re looking to find books that offer the reader an insight into what it means to be spiritually self-aware and carry a unique message of their own. 

We’ll happily consider novels, memoirs, and non-fiction, but poetry and short stories really aren’t our bag, sorry ‘bout that. We’re also not particularly keen on science-fiction or fantasy scenarios in make-believe worlds… In fiction, we want powerhouses of books that strike a chord deeply within the reader, stories that resonate and ring true, where the reader takes up residence easily in the protagonist’s shoes. And in non-fiction, we’re keen on  books that delve into matters concerning psychology, spirituality, and well-being. Please know, we’re incredibly selective about who we take on and we’ll only engage in a project if we are utterly blown-away by the prose that we read.  

When we do take on a author, we work with you as your new best friend, doing everything we can to get your book out there and to give it exposure.. We take your publication seriously, and we expect our authors to have a determined mindset too. The job of the author is far from finished when the book is published, rather it’s the beginning of the next stage, where promotional activities and networking takes centre stage, whilst you conjure up your next best-seller in your spare time (often juggling all this alongside your existing job which pays the bills and looking after your family…) Also please know you can’t be shy of public speaking—you’re going to need to get out there and find all the opportunities you can to talk about your work… So this is something you’ve got to be enthusiastic about doing if we’re going to work together.

Have you got a passion for writing and a manuscript you feel compelled to submit?  Check out our submission guidelines for more information.

Our Journey

As part of the Celestine Vision group, we founded Insightful Publishing in 2021 as a return to the roots of the Celestine legacy journey.  Our initial goal was to manifest the ability to publish our own in-house books . But we always had a vision, that one day, we it would expand this vision beyond ourselves and work with other authors, delivering a flow of insightful books into the world. 

Back in the early 1990s, our patron, James Redfield, became one of the world’s most successful self-published authors. After having struggled to find a publisher willing to take on his spiritual adventure novel, ‘The Celestine Prophecy’,  he decided to find a way to offer it to readers by establishing his own company, Satori Press.  With this history underpinning the foundations of our work, we are well aware of the difficulties that many authors face when trying to find a publisher who are open to books in the metaphysical genre.  Many traditional publishers shy away from novels that have anything to do with spirituality, feeling spirituality is too niche for the mainstream. And we get that… But the thing is spirituality is our niche.. And that’s what makes us rather unique in today’s world.  We are ONLY interested in working with authors whose books carry a message which focuses on spiritual health and well-being.

We Are Currently Open for Submissions

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